Cold War is the seventh chapter in Conker: Rise of Kulas. It has two areas, a snow/ice themed version of the Conker's BFD chapter It's War, and the final part of the chapter represents Adross' Hideout from Starfox: Assault. It is a new war between the S.H.C. and the Tediz.

Characters PresentEdit


Onto the BattlefieldEdit

Conker has to make his way through the battlefield to take out the three generators.


Conker must destroy the three hidden generators inside the Tediz Arctic HQ.

Rise of the Victor ViperEdit

Conker must fly the Victor Viper onto the battefield and destroy all the walkers.


Conker must pilot the Victor Viper into the T.S.S. (Tediz Sattelite Station) and destroy the core generator.

The War Ends HereEdit

Conker must destroy the Drilldozer 1 and it's second form, the Hornet mk-II to end the chapter.

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